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Beep Egg® ELVIS . in gift-box. for 3 levels of egg hardness
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Is not a pig ... but it is a perfect tool for our egg cups and egg cozies.


EGG-STREMELY GOOD GIFTS for fans off design and eggs. It looks like an egg, it feels like an egg, boils like an egg, but unlike an egg it sings: BeepEgg®. BeepEgg is a precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with the real eggs. Once yolk and egg-white have reached the desired degree of hardness, BeepEgg® will play a tune. The inner high t[egg] components of BeepEgg® always work and are “Made in Germany”. This functionality, combined with a certain sense of humour, makes BeepEgg® an ideal gift for numerous occasions.  

Store BeepEgg® together with your eggs, since both need an identical starting temperature. No matter if it will be in the fridge, some shelf in the kitchen, or even underneath your pillow in the bedroom (be careful, since real eggs are fragile). One BeepEgg® can “monitor” as many eggs as you like during one boiling session. BeepEgg® and the real eggs have to enter water at the same time. Water “conditions” do not matter, though. BeepEgg® is neither afraid of cold, nor boiling water. Just put them in the pan together, no matter at which temperature the water is (hint: if you start with cold water, you do not have to prick the eggs). Once the desired consistency has been reached, BeepEgg® will play a tune. Then simply rinse off the eggs, put BeepEgg® back to your storage place of choice (we recommend the fridge) and enjoy the real eggs.
This is how to do ... look at picture

BRAINSTREAM focuses on quality and flexibility. BeepEgg® is not merely a German concept. It is produced entirely in Bielefeld, Germany. Components are purchased from regional suppliers.
It also doesn't matter where you boil your eggs with BeepEgg®. Since it is a temperature-based model, altitude does not matter. You will have the same perfect result, no matter if you boil your eggs in the mountains or at sea level. Cooking times will vary, results won't.

When the ideal cooking-time has been reached, the Beep Egg will play 3 famous melodies.

1st Viva Las Vegas

2cd:Hound Dog
3th:Jailhouse Rock

 Company: Brainstream GmbH, Germany