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Sussex Pig Jug & Cup big cobalt blue Rye Pottery England
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A nice collector's item!

A really unique Wedding or Anniversary gift, the Sussex Pig has been produced here in Rye for hundreds of years.


Available in a choice of three colours and two sizes. Cobalt Blue is probably, just, the most popular.

The head and body are carefully sculpted to fit snuggly whilst standing. Remove the detachable head and it sits snout down to form a cup whilst the body can rest on its haunches and works as a jug.


A classic English wedding gift, the Bride & Groom can then toast or be toasted with the traditional measure of a hogs head of ale – or your tipple of choice!
The highly collected Sussex Pig has been made by Rye Pottery for over 200 years. A charming and traditional wedding or anniversary gift from Sussex, this vessel was originally designed as a jug (the body) and cup (the head) to toast the bride and groom at country weddings in the 1800s. In a county renowned for its pigs and boars, guests were rewarded with a hogshead of beer.


Or used for Your little secrets!

Design: Rye Design Group
Größe: 14.5cm H x 20cm L
Hersteller: Rye Pottery Ltd. England